Apr. 25th, 2009 03:35 pm
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As you can imagine, I've been bummed this week. Work was frustrating and exhausting. The first half of the week was miserably hot. Last night and this morning I've been working on the odious task of inputing my new bank account number to those sites that will need it (my bank was bought out by another one last year and they've just given us new account numbers. Joy.) Most of those went well except the last one of my Mom's. She'll have to call on Monday to get that straightened out. :::sigh:::

But all things must pass. Right now I see fluffy clouds and it is apparently only 68 outside. There are a couple of plants that need planting so I am headed outside for hopefully, a major 'tube adjustment.

Brindle has decided that the laundry room is his and he's happy enough in there. Momma coon has been back pretty near every night though Thursday night she was grumpy and growled at the other denizens of the night until they left. Her attitude was fine last night.

And Nature abhors a void apparently. I've caught two strays at the screen door. One a grey tabby that has looked in twice; the other is a little black cat that has come in through a whole in the screen, peered about then hustled back out. I know that Brindle has had fisticuffs with both of them, though last time the black cat came in and left, Brindle came down from the berm to walk after him--his tail was high and he just sauntered. I wonder if they are becoming friends?

So many things remind us of Scooter. Poor boy was so befuddled at the end. When the vet praised him for being a good kitty during the IV start, she must have forgotten this cat needed to be mummy wrapped for any procedure and then would still struggle so much I feared for a stroke when ever he had anything done to him. That's why we choose not to treat his Chronic Kidney failure. We felt that would have been his choice if we could have asked him.

Even when one expects someone to pass soon, it's still hard. We did get him cremated and I'll bring him home on Monday after work. :::sigh:::

Well, the dappled light and cool breezes call to me. There are a dozen flowers, tomatoes and herb plants that want to planted at long last.

tv recap

Oct. 18th, 2008 11:16 am
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Supernatural: I really enjoyed SPN this week. The homage to black and white horror films was brilliant and just so enjoyable. We had lots of squeals from the fun of it all. There were some things that weren't quite right but they get high point for trying something new. I am enjoying the Dean storyline but I do think that they are leaving Sam's story too long. We really need to know what's going on with him.

NCIS was a lot of fun, too. Read more... )

Primeval: I think I'm missing a few eps. Oh well. I find this show has about one or two genuinely fun moments and the rest of the time is filled with people being too stupid to survive. It is such a mishmash of genres. Is it a comedy? A monster flick? A evil conspiracy show? I get the action but all the quick edits actually bore me. I begin to think that men are wired different because I'm sure guys watch this and it really gets their hearts a pumping whereas I just go back to playing with the computer. And the dialogue! Anytime they try for profound it comes off as cheesy. I'm still watching though.... I think it's my new Smallville, a show I keep watching even though I know better. At least I did stop Smallville. Yay me. I'm just now watching the leech ep and can I say, Yeech!!

Pushing Daisies: OMG! The clown episode of Pushing Daisies was so funny!
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House: Read more... )

No Criminal Minds. Wah!

ETA: Boston Legal. Awesome. My heart broke for Alan in this one. He was so devastated. At least Denny is there to comfort him. Read more... )

In other news, I took Brindle to the vets to get him a steroid shot yesterday. He's been in the sink for two weeks, and had his flea meds a week ago. The itching and scabbing is worse now. I hate giving him steroids but he was so miserable. Hopefully, we'll be better soon. And Scooter continues to put on weight and going back to pestering us instead of being frail and somewhat dazed. The pest is back. *g*
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At least the hot weather broke and it's a bit more fall like now. It's such a relief. I went out this afternoon and did a little a pruning and such. Brindle helped of course. He's back in his sink right now. Scooter is actually gaining weight. He was terribly thin and not eating so we tried him on baby food again. I think he ate four bottles in six hours and at a buck a jar...:::sigh::: At least he eats every morsel; we were throwing out a bunch of uneaten cat food. Actually in the week we've been back, a lot of the sharp bony parts have disappeared.

We got our water bill and it's way higher than it usually is, which is odd because we weren't home for a third of the month. Normally we use between 4 and 8 CCF and last month it was 35 CCF. 1 ccf = 100 cubic feet = 748 gallons) So we used 26180 gallons which is over 36 gallons per hour. I checked all the outside faucets, and searched the yard for signs of a water leak. Nothing. When I was sleeping on Friday there was a pounding on the front door. Let me think...shall I jump up and answer the door in my nightie? No. Later, I found a work slip from the Water Co. that a man had been by to check out the meter and had found it accurate. Obviously, our bill had sent up a red flag. So, where the hell did all that water go? I went down to read the meter myself. WHOA! Inside was the biggest, lethalist black widow spider I've every seen. She was upside down displaying her scarlet hour glass. She looked exactly like this but even more deadlier:

And she had two enormous egg sacks hanging in her web.

Today, I went down and sprayed the meter housing with a bug killer. I think she liked it. She certainly didn't die immediately or even act sick. I'll go back in a couple of days and see if she's still alive. And read the meter again. And if we're still using huge amounts of water, I'm not sure what we'll do. I'm kinda hoping someone rip us off somehow while we were away and there isn't a leaky pipe buried under the concrete driveway. :(

I'm still trying to catch up on the backlog on the Tivos. I was very glad the way NCIS and Bones went (the writers set some wrong things right.) Boston I love Alan and Denny. :) Supernatural has been very impressive; I love the scary angel and the last ep was excellent. Dexter, Dirty Sexy Money, Ugly Betty and CSI have all been excellent. And Criminal Minds has been wonderful. I'm very intrigued to discover what the theme this year will be.

Shows I'm still behind in: House, Pushing Daisies, Heroes, Without a Trace, The Mentalist, The 11th Hour and Primeval. Shows I've jettisoned because there's too much to watch are Lost, Fringe and Smallville. Trace and Primeval are teettering.
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The fridge repairman ran a diagnostic (yeah, I know) on our fridge and says it needs a new computer board or something like that, and a new fan because GE says it's best to replace them at the same time. The good news is it is covered by the warranty--and it would have cost about $800 if I hadn't bought the extended warranty. Wow. I have to say I bought it because Bunny's 2 year old fridge had just went out on her prior to us buying the GE, so that turned out to be a lucky for us. He will order the parts, and in 3-5 working days, he'll get them and then make an appt to replace them. Just before a holiday. Isn't that always the way of it?

By the way, when asked he felt Kitchen Aid and Whirlpool had less repairs for refrigerators, and Bosch washers and dryers rarely needed his services. He seemed very frustrated by the poor quality of appliances in general.

Brindle got treated for ear mites, another blood test to check his liver and a steroid shot for his scabby skin. Steroids make him the most affectionate kitty ever. Less than two hours later, he jumped on my bed and did happy feet on my head. Luckily, he settled down before too long and *cuddled my hand to his chest* purring madly and that's how we fell to sleep. It's been since Wed and he is still sleeping on my bed, but needing less physical contact now. It's like he's on ecstasy.

Scooter had bad breath and on Friday tossed his head and something fell out of his mouth. Not a tooth but it's hard and among other unidentifiable structures, is textured with papillae like rows of ribbed nubs. I'm scared to look inside there. He's eating fine and the bad breath has left...but what the hell body part did he lose?!

The momma coon with three cubs is still coming by, and they are out there right now in fact. We still get the odd lone coon or a pair of them at times. I quit writing about them for awhile because this momma coon was not willing to share the yard and there were nasty sounding fights. Frightening sounds. I was quite worried and not sure what was gonna happened. All the drama is gone now though.


May. 11th, 2008 11:42 pm
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Last night at work about 4am, I got on the elevator just as a Russian Orthodox priest got off, looked around, then turned back stating he was trying to find his way out and could I please help him. Have you ever been suddenly confronted with someone so attractive you lose the power of speech? And a priest at that!! I actually had to look at the ground to be able to put two words together and then still had a few wrong words at that. The directions were complex enough I had to accompany him part of the way which was both a blessing and curse as I sort of blathered and pointed. *g* Boy, that woke me up good! Embarrassing but let me tell you that was one attractive man!

One of my co-coworker's 90 year old grandmother died. She was head of a big Hispanic family. As they were going through her stuff (she still lived in her own little home still she broke her hip and that had to be sorted through) they would find little post it notes that said things like, "Love each other," and "Family always comes first." But they also found a few "Vote for Hillary." That still makes me laugh.

More natterings: Read more... )

And lastly, I ended up getting Mom a selection of books and dvds for Mother's Day. One book that is particularly nice is Valley of the Kings, an enormous coffee table book filled with fantastic photos. I got it from the Barnes and Noble discount section for $25 (it appears on the online bookstores as out of stock.) It's listed on Amazon as $125. You Egyptophiles need to see if you can pick up a copy.
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I'm at home trying to catch up on the tv shows of this week. Bones was funny. "Phalanges!" I don't know why that makes me giggle but it does.

Boston Legal. The two best moments were the cows running away and Denny knowing he couldn't give up Alan to move. That's such a wonderful show. :)

Criminal Minds. Huh. I like JJ's squeeze. Does this mean we'll see more of him? Best moment was the end when Morgan, Reid and Prentiss revealed somethings had not been a secret. Heh. And Reid was also clued in so he's not too oblivious.

Oh, I did manage to catch Craig Ferguson last Saturday in DC. I thought he did really well and boy, was that ever a tough crowd.

Um...still needing to watch SPN and Doctor Who. Looking forward to those.

Handmark had a two for one sale and I bought a few more games for my Lifedrive. And finally got them loaded on. I'm such a technophobe. I still haven't broke down and bought an iPod.

Scooter has taken to waking me up at noon, and when you sleep from 9am to 4pm that is the middle of the night! Pet me, feed me. :::sigh::::

But then Thursday, he didn't wake me. I thought, "Cool. He's passed that." But then when I got up, it turned out that Mom and shut the door, leaving the poor blind and deaf cat outside for about six hours. She knew she hadn't seen him and was unconcerned about his absence. I found him asleep in the courtyard and he was quite disorientated when I picked him up. Didn't seem to know me. It took a few hours before he started acting more normal.

The clock is ticking, poor thing.

Oh, when I got up on Wednesday, there was Brindle laying on Mom's trousers at the base of the toilet. Heh heh. He took possession of them and wouldn't give them back so she had to abandon them. He's a funny cat. He's still got them in there. If we took them away, he's just take possession of something else.

And my ebay swimsuit came. It's okay. I'm so cheap that I'm fine if it's not my color and the, eh, superstructure upstairs could be more supportive. I'm only gonna wear it for a few days at the MediaWest hot tub/pool. Half price makes me smile. :)

Then I need to get a Mother's Day gift. What are all you getting for moms?


Mar. 31st, 2008 11:33 pm
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Just a quick note to catch you up. I leave in the morning for Vancouver and the SG con. I spent the day today moving crap and helping get the FiOS installed. It went pretty well, except they need to come back and install a second cable card in the HD Tivo so we can tape two things at once. Phone is good. Net is okay...the faster speed is very noticeable when dl photos and movies. I'm so tired!

The good news is that Scooter is holding steady but is noticeably debilitated though. He just wants to be held all day. Even when he's hungry, he may not feel like getting up to go get food so we take him to his meals and then take him to his litter box. Think of a human in a nursing home capable of tottering about and who does better if you bring their meals to them. I suppose he is on borrowed time.

I'm taking the laptop to the con, so I should be able to check in each day.

I'm just gonna watch the Colbert Report and then go to bed. I think I'm packed....
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This is him feeling better today. You can't see his eyes but they are blue.

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The old guy rallied about 4am! He finally ate and drank a little. Read more... )

So, as you can tell if you've been reading this journal for a year or so, I do tend to get very emotional when I think I'm losing the little guys. I deeply appreciate the caring words from so many of you and I'm glad to say things are better for now.

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I think he's dying.

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Scooter had a very good day today. He marched into my room (which he hasn't been in since he went all Mount Saint Helens over the place) this morning and demanded I get up and feed him. And then he ate a half a can of food. Tonight, he was alert and loving and playful. Okay, I think he's gotten past this. We are very happy. :)

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And we drove 90 miles up to the high dessert to see a Jethro Tull concert. It was at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center and it was another wonderful concert. The musicianship is wonderful as always. They performed a couple of new songs that sounded a bit like the stuff from Divinities. And they did a new version of Aqualung that was more instrumental, slower and poignant with a lot of flute. Awesome!

There was a signs about requesting, for the enjoyment of the rest of the audience, that people not whistle or shout. And in an audience where most people were well into their 50s, there still were a few asses that just had to whoop and shout proving that either men will always have the self-control of feral teenagers or that they are already becoming senile. It wasn't too bad until My God, which has achingly beautiful and haunting flute passages and it was spoiled by men obviously trying to outdo each other instead of enjoying the concert. But, other than that, it was sweet. :)

We also took the laptop out with us. I wanted to try it on a wireless network and I wanted Mom to learn how to connect to it. She's taking the laptop to Salt Lake City soon and her hotel will have free wi-fi. She has a tendency to just ask me how to do something and not try to figure it out herself. We went to a Marie Callendars for dinner and as I was waiting outside, I booted the laptop up. We went to a Starbucks with wi-fi, but I guess those places aren't free? Anyway, I noticed that a hotel next to the Marie Callendars had an unsecured network, so we went back there after the concert, sat in the parking lot and connected. Yay! I think it is road worthy now. :)
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So, he's better. If he's not back to normal, we'll take him back to have more saline given to him every two or three days.

My friend up north has a friend that is psychic when it comes to pets and offered to talk to me about mine. Read more... )
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Scooter finally ate some catfood at 3am last night. Today at 9am it all came up--all over my bed. So, instead of going to the local fan meeting, which included a lovely drive to Ojai, I'm doing laundry. Lots of laundry.

Scooter claimed he was starving and ate some other cat food earlier today at noon. So far, it hasn't come up. He's curled up behind the sofa sleeping. So, fingers crossed he'll keep this down. He's pooped a little more so I'm hoping his blockage is moving out. He's comfortable now but are there any bets we'll have to go to the vets tomorrow, on Sunday, when they pop another $50 on the bill just because it's Sunday? I'd like to get $50 extra every time I work a Sunday. *grumble*

I forgot on the TV review Doctor Who. I'd downloaded it so I'd seen it. Mom hadn't. I watched her face as the Trocklofain poured down onto Earth. She was horrified. Yes, Doctor Who was the best program on last night. THAT'S good tv!
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Scooter is that cat I don't say much about. He's elderly, spends his days figuring out how to annoy everyone else--just for the hell of it, just because it's fun and something to do. He's a tease and if you tease him back, he smiles because he knows you get it.

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