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It was okay. As I had avoided all spoilers, I was relieved that Bridge didn't screw it up too badly.

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I wrote this in a comment on another journal but I noticed something else. Spoilers.

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If only someone other than Cooper was in charge of this. :(

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And because this is a SGA post, I'll just add that I read Wright's Q&A on Mallozzi's blog. Nothing is ever their fault, is it? His contempt permeated his answers; hello, it IS possible to answer a question politely or if you don't want to give away that info, simply say that. I swear The Spin is something these people live and breathe until they couldn't give an honest answer if their life depended upon it.

I think the most tragic part of all this is that the concept of a Stargate is appealing no matter who is turning out the product. They had the luck to cast some good actors who really added to what was written and made us like and care for the characters. And then the lazy, egotistical writers don't put any real effort into the shows to fulfill their potential. They aren't telling stories they need to tell, but writing whatever they can think of at the last minute to fill in the time between commercial breaks. How on earth do they think this technique will produce a more mainstream show in SG:U? Something tells me they will aim for the more basic common denominator--maybe they will have a brainstorm and finally put in a few fart jokes cause we know how their target audience of young men feel about those.
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What I liked: The bubblegum popping Sgt. Dusty.

What I disliked: The script.

And before I dip into spoilers, I just gotta ask something about horror. Mallozzi is a lazy writer but in some ways has gotten better. For one, in the early days he pack the eps with new annoying characters--at least Whispers...oh wait, the girl team are new characters. :::sigh::: The other thing he ALWAYS does is have a lot of walking the corridors (why fill up your ep with dialogue and cool ideas when your characters can walk back and forth accomplishing nothing?) But then I got to thinking, horror films do have a lot of walking about, providing targets for the big bad. Do I perceive that Whispers had very little to offer, period, or was it actually an acceptable story in the horror genre?

Now for a little more detail:
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For the most part, a fantastic episode. Under that cut is praise for the good stuff and rant about Keller. Yes, another one.
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Apparently they will go the movie route, too. The first one is being paid for by Sci Fi and will run there before it goes to DVD.

Ain't that just sucky? What's worse is that M&M will probably write the script.

What a waste.
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First off, I feel like a bad fan. I finally watched Dr. Horrible and while I liked it and enjoyed the music and the acting, I don't actually know what all the fuss is about. It was amusing but I doubt I'll watch it again. Can someone clue me in on why it's so special? It's probably just me.... Doctor Who-- Turn Left . Again, I'm left kinda meh. Read more... ) Next, SGA's The Seed Read more... ) I really hope the stories get better. The only show that continues to delight is The Colbert Report. And most of my tv viewing of late has been science programs. I'm sure the influx of knowledge about climate change set off my little rant last week. I was feeling a bit panicky about the future. But did you know that the hole in the ozone layer is shrinking? We can fix things if we figure them out quick enough (and aren't greedy enough to ignore the problem.) But I do continue to think really bad times are in the future--and that's aside from any future episodes of SGA written by Mullie.
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I was going through my Tivo's to do list and for some reason, it wasn't gonna tape this Friday's episode. I've not had a problem like this before. In case it's a glitch, you Tivo people might want to double check what's happening on Friday.

I'm FFF!!

Feb. 25th, 2008 01:46 am
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Or Finally Finished with the Flist!

To recap my week, three icky days at work. Work, work, work. Only 15 minutes here and there to read fic on my PDA. Yes, I try to read smut at work. *G*

Friday was chores and tivo catch up. I have been enjoying the last few SPN (though someone needs to be fragged in the worst way.) SGA was entertaining again with a nice Rodney/Ronon moment. And I look forward to expansion on the surprise.

Friday night I spent search the net for info on FiOS/Tivo slash so to speak. Um...I totally missed the tivo deadline for transferring lifetime membership to a new tivo because FiOS said they didn't have service to the house. The more ads I saw, the more it bugged me because they dug up my front yard to put fiber optics in. Finally, I talked to real person and after a week she got back to us to tell us that our address had been miss-entered in their system and we can get FiOS. The consultant called when I was asleep and Mom signed us up--and she had no idea what she'd signed up for. I called up on Friday and found more info and it seems like a good deal. She said their DVRs were as good as Tivo so I ordered one of them and then spent most of that day and night researching what I'd ordered.

Saturday I awoke and knew the Verizon DVR wasn't gonna cut it. My query to the tivo community helped me to understand what I'd need to set things up the way I want them. And then I spent the rest of the day with my ol' SG friends and they showed me how to cut a song for a song vid. Yay!

Sunday I spent watching the Oscars, letting the Brindle the crabby tabby use my foot for a pillow and catching up on the flist. Yay! Oh, my friends gave me Xmas gifts from Hawaii. One thing was a little satchel of Maui Zowie catnip. Brindle has been licking that all night long, the little junky. He gets high and thinks it's kinda fun to make the monkey people squeal by using them scratching posts. :(

Tomorrow, I'll call Verizon and get that FiOS thing straight, I hope. It will bundle the Net at 15/2 Mbps, our phone (with unlimited calling) and the TV with HD (and all the channels I could ever want, even HBO and Showtime) for $149. That'll cut over $50/month off our bills. Supposedly everything will be fast and pretty and all that. But having to research all this has made me feel like I worked half the weekend. Now, I'm kinda grumpy. All snapdragony and PG-13. Shit, damn, hell! Where did my weekend go?! *g*

So, I think I'll risk my lower limb and sneak past the cat to go to bed and read Madhouse. At least I'll be warm there.

Oh! I just finished Torchwood's Adam. I really liked that one. Cool.

TV recap

Feb. 18th, 2008 02:25 am
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Boston Legal: Read more... )

Torchwood: "Meat." Can I just say ewwww? And the over-acting still makes me roll my eyes. I think Torchwood has the style and depth of a graphic novel.

SGA: "Midway." Loved Teal'c and Ronan together. Their rivalry was a bit overdone at first but it was for comedic effect and it was funny. There were plenty of potholes but I've pretty much given up on expecting a tight show here. Just entertain me for an hour if you can. And can they NOT give away a big reveal in the ad for next week's ep??!

I finally saw "An Inconvenient Truth." I tivoed and watched it the same night as I saw "Six Degrees." I'm sure I'll be dead of other causes before my heart will break at what will become of the Earth. I just wish the stupid, greedy, willfully ignorant people will suffer the consequences of their actions first.

Anderson Cooper 360 on Race, Gender and Politics. Very nice to hear someone exploring this aspect of the election. And after all the Hillary/woman bashing, I guess it's getting harder to ignore that it's happening so the more perceptive reporters are at least mentioning it. And the whole complex racial thing and courting groups as an entity was fascinating.

Politics in general. I see McCain and Clinton are finally calling Barak on the vague rhetoric. Personally I like to ask his supporters if they can describe his plans, or even him without using the words "change" or "hope" (I keep flashbacking on all the press in SG1 about Jonas Quinn and his "freshness.") Conversely, believe it or not, I find myself trying to educate those at work that Obama isn't a Muslin, and isn't a mole for Al-Qaeda. This is a fact they know as surely as they know Hillary is Bitch. Where does this shit come from?? Mind you, I do have issues with his church and their giving an award to Louis Farrakhan. Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright's views about whites and blacks I find very frustrating. Personally, I find my societal villains in the greed of the wealthy.

An interesting fact I heard tonight; Hillary wins in every group that make under $50,000 while Barak wins in every group over that amount.

Two things: one, go to Barak's and Hillary's websites. Find the issues page and compare their views on a topic or two that matters to you personally. Two: please watch the Democratic Debate this Thursday on CNN at 8 Eastern and 5 Pacific time.

Oh, I just saw on the news that Hillary wanted to debate Barak in Wisconsin but Barak's people say they've debated enough. Yeah, I can see that from their POV. I think he can only lose votes in a debate since she comes off as much more suitable for the job. I wonder why he agreed to Texas on Thursday?

And did any of you see that beautiful flyby of the shuttle/ISS on Saturday? And just 7 minutes before that, the defective spy satellite was visible, too. I actually had three people at work out there with me staring at the sky which was pretty good because it was cold and windy.

Oh, the three siblings were by tonight. There was a fourth a few nights ago and there was some growling and snorting and some half-assed displays of teeth before everyone settled down to eat. Strangely, I don't think it was their momma. They did know him, though. Huh.

Well, back to reading Lady Ra's "Wraith Killers." Ankh rec'ed it and it's a SGA/SG1 story. Slash, doncha know. :)
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I got that scratchy throat thing three weeks ago and I still have lingering effects. I've a persistent mostly dry cough that I'm sick off, and nose congestion. How can my nose be both drippy and too dry? The humidity is only about 20% today and I woke up dry and gunky. I'm sick of being sick. Another stretch of days off gone with me simply sleeping a lot to try and get well quicker. Yeck, yeck, yuck!

Trio: I do love Rodney but yet I'm underwhelmed again. :::sigh:::
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First off, my taxes are done and waiting to be mailed tomorrow. Refunds...Yay!

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That was about a seven out of ten. Five things, though:
(ETA a number six)

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I've got a few days off; will put up Xmas lights and do Xmas cards. I hope. I also need to tackle the kitchen floor. :(

It rained today! Wow. A whole inch or two. I walked down the hill to get the mail and slipped on some wet leaves, it was like hitting ice on a down hill slope. I thought I was in a cartoon as I over corrected, twisted one way, pirouetted, teetered, grabbed at a bush and finally landed on my right side, mostly on my right side. It smarted, and was cold and wet, not to mention quite leafy. That was about six hours ago and now my right upper arm is sore, shoulder too, and a little bit about the elbow. We shall see what the morning brings. Maybe I won't be doing the Xmas lights after all.

Uh, as for LJ, I decided I'm not that corrupting (more's the pity) and will leave my lj as not adult content and hopefully remember to change that rating for a post should I ever get around to posting something wicked.

I'm being a good lil' voter and am currently watching the Republican YouTube debate on Tivo. :::sigh::: Oops, I guess it ran over time and it cut off Rudy. Too bad. *g* I have to roll my eyes at all the shots they took at Hilary. When they do that, they remind me of little dogs barking a big dog on the other side of a strong fence. Yeah, yeah, yeah...you're bad. :::snort:::

SGA was quite good tonight. I hope they bring Jeannie back again next year, too. Read more... )

Criminal Minds was very interesting what with the whole graphic novel look and the confusion in the reality thing. Read more... )

I now watched two eps of Blood Ties. I just don't get the attraction for it! Enlighten me.
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I had a great time and learned lots of interesting things. Tempe is a happening place on Halloween. My hotel room was on the 4th floor overlooking a patio of a very busy bar. Luckily, I'm a night shift person. The thumpa-thump-thump-thumpa vibrations from the music did not keep me up at all. Thursday was spent trying to keep up with the rest of the class, then we went out to My Big Fat Greek Restaurant where we laughed and shouted "OPA!" every chance we could, while we were drinking Greekaritas. Friday my brain did indeed reach capacity by noon. *g* The trip home was without incident.

Now I've watched Boston Legal (Purr!), Moonlight (getting better) and SGA, which I quite liked. I HATE that Scifi if starting the show at odd times. Tivo seems to have missed the first minute or so. That is so annoying.

Gotta go to bed. Big day tomorrow.

TV Recap

Oct. 26th, 2007 11:18 pm
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Ugly Betty:Read more... )

Smallville:Read more... )

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TV recap

Oct. 21st, 2007 01:06 am
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Heroes needs to pick up the pace.

I'm beginning to think Journey Man is really an allegory and they are just using the time travel thing to explore the stress on a marriage if the husband places his commitment to his marriage second, and also what happens when an old flame returns. I would like more emphasis on the unique traveling issue and a lot less of Dan disappearing right when his family needs him most.

Boston Legal. Alan and Denny, holding hands, being supportive, hugging each other. :) I have to admit that I find Alan quite endearing when he's dealing with word salad.

Criminal Minds: I really liked Gideon and I miss him, but I think the team is fine without him. I wish they hadn't felt the need to bring in another 'big name.' Tell me it will be okay....

Pushing Daisies was still entertaining and sweet (and I don't usually like sweet.)

Supernatural: Eh, don't like Bella, but they didn't give this viewer any openings to like her. Sam was adorably miserable with his bad luck and Dean was pretty decent. I don't really see how Bella will naturally fit into other eps, but I guess we'll find out.

Smallville: Ah, we got two seconds of Clark tenderly picking up an injured Lex...only to see Clark spit more unfounded venom at him. Yeah, yeah, yeah. If Clark kills the bad guy, he's a hero. If Lex kills him, he's an evil murdering monster. Oh, and Clark's Krypton buddy gets cart blanche to do whatever to the bad guy. Argh!! Why am I still watching this show?!

SGA:Read more... )

I'm watching Oprah and they have this guest on that is giving advice to menopausal women. To increase their sex drive, she suggests reading a sexy book to get in the mood. She has a friend that calls that "cliterature." Slash is concentrated cliterature. *g*
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Mom comes home tomorrow. Yay! The cats are irritable because they miss her. I've tried to cater to their every whim, but apparently it's Just. Not. Right. Humpf. Mom called today and the laptop has worked very well. I finally went with Nod32 for the anti-virus program, btw. And I bought a Crumpler Luncheon bag from ebay for carrying the laptop around. Like someone else on my flist, I have a problem with acquiring bags and luggage and totes and purses and stuff like that.

There was just a coon argument outside. Momma with three kits was by earlier and they were very playful. This was between momma of one kit and a single coon. It wasn't that growling/snorting like bears but nevertheless when I opened the door, one adult chased the other out of the courtyard and towards the street. The nearly grown kit looked a little lost and slowly walked up towards the hill. I wonder how they find each other again after something like that? Do they meet up at the den? But doesn't that mean the youngster has to walk up by himself? The coyotes have been very active again.

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ETA: Tivo quit recording on the hour and this apparently went on for another 2 or 3 minutes. Read more... )

TV time

Oct. 6th, 2007 03:00 am
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"Ugly Betty" was a lot of fun. Yeah, they've a lot of daddy issues coming up and it was over the top, but I find that stuff funny. Loved the monster movie bits on the roof top. And I really love that Mark and Justin are getting along so well.

"Pushing Daisies" was pretty good, too. I was concerned that this bringing to back to life for one minute was going to be icky, but it was okay. There was a narrator that reminded me of a cross between the narration of "Desperate Housewives" and "The Princess Bride." In fact, the tone of the whole show was very much like the telling of a fairy tale. It was actually kind of charming. Unlike other shows that I think I'll need to stick with for a few eps before they find their sea legs, I liked this one immediately.

"Moonlight" was better, though I wonder how Mick has managed to stay alive all this time.

"NCIS," "Boston Legal," "House," "Heroes," "Journey Man," and "Dirty, Sexy Money" all turned in solid episodes. Loved that "Jacob" was on "House" and Mayborne was on "Smallville." So, THAT'S where you went!
Even "Reaper" got a little better.

Criminal Minds: Read more... )

Supernatural: Wow, the flist is very divided.
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SGA: Lifeline:
Read more... )
Okay, I can delete that one. Not gonna want to watch that again anytime soon.
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Ugly Betty: Very, very good! It had a few wicked funny and wicked sad moments. Read more... )

CSI: Hmm....kinda draggy.Read more... )

Without A Trace:Read more... )

Smallville: Read more... )

Moonlight:Read more... )

Stargate Atlantis: Had some good, some bad. Read more... )

So, we have some reoccurring themes here. The dead character fake out and the reworking of older shows while not giving any tribute to them. And where are all the plagiarism cases?


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