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It's such a bummer not being able to squee before going anyway now since it could attract misfortune to home and hearth. But now I'm back. Yay!

The con was good. It seems to have stablized at a reduced size. Most of the panels were good, but I've learned to avoid panels that have a certain personality as a moderator. The art show was a tad smaller but had some good pieces. I liked the Sherlock and there was a fab Rumplestiltskin. I bought three zines because I realized this might be the first MWC where I did not buy a zine and that was so sad because I used to dozens.

I did a Merlin door decoration. There's maybe 1 out of 6 doors with something on them, so that's kind of sad, too.

I swear the hotel was being passive aggressive about the con. I had a heck of a time using the masking tape on the door because they had spray waxed the door. The first two nights a notice was slipped under the door stating that if we moved the furniture, we would be charged $150/DAY for the wear and tear on it. Hummingbirds had a reduced menu but better prices and better service than last year. NO decorations were on the walls. They totally screwed up our hotel bill. My roomies checked out at 4am the day before and we were splitting the bill. I was charged close to $400 but thought, oh well, my roomies must have decided that was fair. Then I got an email saying they were charged close to $800 and the total bill should have been only $650ish. They charged us nearly double! My roomie called and said it is straightened out. We'll see.

I did co-mod a Merlin panel because even though there were about 6 suggested panels, non made it to the schedule. There were other shows that were totally shut out even though there were a lot of suggestions. There must have been six Strachey panels, lots of Sherlock and SPN ones, too. I very much enjoyed a Person of Interest panel and a Mentalist panel. The Once Upon a Time panel was okay. There was conflict so I missed a few I wanted to attend.

The flight there was fine, the flight back had delays and I had 13 minutes to make my connection in Atlanta and never would have made it except an airport guy with an electric cart saw me and asked if I needed help. Great, great guy! In contrast, we were in SeaTac a few years ago and I had arrange Mom to have transport to our connection. Not only did they not show up, empty electric carts drove by us and the drivers looked away and ignored us even though I was gesturing and calling to them. Such a difference.

I did not get a Chevy Cruz for a rental like I'd hoped (it was so much fun to drive last year and great milage!) This time it was Nissan Sentra. Yuck.

Buddy did nip my nose when I got back but then immediately licked it to apologize. He is such a sweetie!
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