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Just an update, maybe I'll do this in bullet points...except I don't know how to in lj. *g* So, since I last updated:

Decided not to go to Nova Scotia after all. I want to clear my last credit card. Maybe we'll do something cool in the late spring next year. To make up for it, I think we'll take a couple of days and go to Quartzsite in January and let Mom buy as many rocks and beads as she wants. She's really gotten into this wire wrapping jewelry making thing. Makes her happy. :)

I did rent a cabin for three nights up in the mountains, which is coming up soonish. We're taking Brindle. It's hard to find a place that will take a cat. And we're having the kitty nannie come by to put out food and water for Brindle's Buddy and the varmits. (sounds like a 50's rock band.)

Speaking of Brindle, we were late in giving him his flea meds. He's allergic to fleas and if we don't give it every 3 weeks, he can get lots of scabs and be miserable. I gave him the meds a week ago and apparently I didn't do it right because he was forced to nip my leg afterwards. Brindle and his issues. :::sigh::: This one is that if he feels abused, he has to even the score or else he feels victimized and he gets all crazy. A little nip and a girly scream gives him...equality? Justice? It's not revenge because this is very thought out. It really is a shame that scientists can't/won't study animals with an eye towards their emotions and thought processes.

Anyway, to make a long story short (too late!), Mom took him to the vets on Friday to get a steroid shot to clear up his skin. Usually, he gets very affectionate after a shot, but instead, he stayed out side. For two days. I was working and barely saw him and when I did, he ran away from me twice! Finally I was off yesterday and in the evening, as is our summer pattern, we go out on the front porch to socialize with Buddy and watch people walk their dogs. Brindle did come by, but he was ansty. He kept coming by, but he'd walk past me to go under Mom's chair. Finally, I told her he was working himself up and to be prepared, and sure enough, he nipped her. She gave the girly "ow!" but then told him she loved him. And after that he calmed down, became relaxed. Allowed himself to be picked up and loved, and came inside that night. He'd been out sulking, stewing over the trip to the vet, or something that happened at the vets and was boycotting the house and us until he was able to even things out. Two days. :::sigh:::

And he nipped the vet and scratched a tech apparently. He needs a red dot on his chart. We've decided to educate anyone who treats him to not touch him unless they are focused on what they are doing. You can't idly pet him while talking. And they need to know that when annoyed, he goes straight to anger. I don't think they expect that.

To get to what I've been avoiding, but have been thinking about since Saturday morning. We lost a baby at work. She was term and was two days old, about to be discharged with her young mother. It was classic heart abnormality; they are fine for a few days and when they finally finish switching over to adult circulation from fetal, the malformed heart can't support life and they die. She was a beautiful, sweet child. Everyone is so geared to fight hard to save these guys that it's like hitting a brick wall when you can't; you do everything you can but the truth is that there's nothing you can do at that point. Frustrating, frantic, frightening and futile.

To end on a lighter note, I was writing to a friend tonight. She's fallen hard for SPN. She's been buying stuff on ebay. We were discussing whether this picture of JA is real or fake. We were comparing nipples, body types and enlarging the picture to look for flaws. The things I do for my friend. Here's the NOT work safe pic:

Gotta go. I hear Momma coon snorting in the courtyard. There's probably one or two other coons there. Maybe a few more peanuts will calm them down.


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