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...so it's perfect timing that I'm off to Escapade tomorrow. Yay!

Have I packed? No.

Have I even done laundry? No.

Did I watch the UK vs Sweden curling match? Why, yes I did.

And I culled my flist for the new stories and recs.

I am a lazy sod. A lazy sod who will be having fun this weekend. Yay!

And to bullet point, everything else here is fine. The kitties are fine (Abby continues to charm and make the house hers.) But I found something unpleasant on the driveway this morning.

Skunk fur, a couple of handfuls of it, most with hide still attached. No blood. It could have either have been those bastard coyotes or maybe a roadkill that was disposed of by a opossum or other scavenger. Except there was the smell of skunk where I park the car. So, killed then. :::sigh::: The weeds are waist high due to the combo of rain and sunshine. That makes for a great hiding place. I've no time to deal with it for the next few weeks though. My blood ran cold though when I saw the black fur. Buddy is black but he's inside at night 99% of the time. And that phrase doesn't make a lot of sense and I've no idea of why it feels that way, but it's a perfect description of what you go though.



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