Nov. 28th, 2010

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It's going well. No more accidents on the bed. Yay! I think the kitten is a girl. She's adorable and very affectionate. After a 'hanging over the bed for ear rubs and head butts' she started playing with a fuzzy stuffed animal I bought her. She was kicking it, hugging it and eventually pulled it under the bed. I had a feeling she is young enough that she is missing a warm body to cuddle up to. I think in a couple of days she will be hopping up on the bed for the luv sessions. She's a seal point but all the dark points are a little muddled with some white splotchy marks. She's in good shape. And Mom is saying things like, "we're so lucky to have you." I was feeling guilty about putting another cat in her bedroom, especially after it was messing on her bed. She's okay, though.
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The Colbert Report
‎"We all know that, due to cutbacks, air travel has become a trip up the devil's butthole in a flying aluminum suppository." - Stephen Colbert
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Went in for a Luv Time a few hours ago. She's quit darting under the bed. And it ended with her cuddling the soft stuffed animal as she drifted off to sleep. It's a stupid looking Christmas elephant, but it was soft and about her size. I stuck it in my shirt for a few hours before I gave it to her. A curious fact is at work, we stick 'ghosts' (a square of cloth with a rubberband around the 'head') in with the babies, then give it to the mom to take home and snift. It helps their milk to come down when they pump their breasts.

Abby is all stripes and athletic grace, and there's something snake-like about her when she goes on the hunt. She is Feral Fawcett sometimes and the words to describe her are handsome and wild. But this new kitty? She is incredibly cute. She's gonna have to have a girly name. Names that somewhat apply now are Freckles and Dusty. Neither is too girly. A friend (who likes SPN, go figure) suggested Misha. And then there are a ton of Asian type names which I know nothing about. Suggestions?


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