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Where I update Emma, Buddy and stuff.

Emma continues to thaw towards us. I took her a new mouse yesterday (I hadn't seen her other mouse in days but of course I spot it as soon as I give her a duplicate.) I dangled it (she still darts under the bed when we come into the room) and she batted it a few times before she remembered I would eat her. I put it on the edge of the bed and moved to the opposite side and waited. Within a minute a paw came up and grabbed her mouse. Then she proceeded to fling it all over the room and display her athletic prowess. She looks good, no longer gaunt, but has a supple litheness of a young cat. I'll go give her some treats later today. Mom said she shared a corner of the bed with her a few nights ago. It's coming along slowly.

Buddy has been coming in twice a day to see if tribute has been left for him and if not, complains loudly. Aside from Buddy, his nicknames are Au contraire, The Complaint Department and Mr. Tibbs (as he demands to be respected and will accept nothing less.) I tried to lock him in as it's 97 out there and it was 105 yesterday. He thought about it, and tried a few places to settle but I could see fleas were really bothering him. I snuck flea medicine onto him before I let him out. He didn't seem too upset by it so maybe it won't have upset his limited trust in us, I hope.

Brindle...:::sigh::: He got upset about Emma being on the other side of the door. I tried to comfort him and he was affectionate until he went postal on my arm. I flung him away since he was close to my face (he has bitten me on the face before) and was quite cross with him. He was repentant that night but then got all "I don't think you love me anymore" for days later even though we suck up to him everytime we can. He is such a high maintenance cat.

I got the stomach flu on Monday and am still under the weather. I'm very behind in stuff, especially all the new tv shows. I'll try to discuss the new eps later. Must go read the flist to see if others have already done it.

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