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I thought I might as well do an update.

Cutiepie might have had babies, but she is without them now. I never saw her with babies. She has spent the last month relaxing around the courtyard, grooming. I have seen two other mom's with babies, one with a pair, the other with four. They only come by a few times a week.

Cutiepie was by tonight so I snapped a few photos. She has a distinctive way of sitting. *g*

Two more can be found here:

Emma is being better about not fleeing under the bed when we're in the room. Baby steps.... Also Mom thinks Emma isn't the right name, so we're trying out new ones. This will take a while, too.

Lastly, the desktop computer was smelling 'hot' for the last few days. I took it to the guy that built it and we'll get it back on Tuesday (well, we did bring it by late on Friday.) He thinks the power supply is failing and of course, it's very dusty so it needs a good cleaning. And this seemed like a good time to add a bit more RAM.

So, I'll have Mom pick it up and then I'll have to hook it back up before I drive out to Vegas for next weekend's Girls Gone Wild (Shopping) Weekend. I work Mon/Tues/Weds night so things are getting compressed before I go. I guess I should pack this weekend....

Anyway, I am *so* looking forward to seeing my friends again!


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