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...she's no longer a captive. She got out on Saturday and she wants to live out there even though it's cold (I'm in California so we're talking low 40s at night right now.) I'm leaving kibble out for her all day, but take it in at night as I don't want to draw other animals to her patch. She's living under a big lavatera bush, but as it was very windy today, she moved under the house...where I think a skunk or two might have moved to, too. Last week, I tried putting the screen back on the access but something punched it back out. I must have trapped something in there.

She was letting us both pet her, but I tried to pick her up on Monday. I have a scratched face now. Not bad at all, not like what Brindle did to me in 2003. Now she won't come near me. Well, she came out from under the house when I called for this afternoon and then veered under the bush. She started again towards me, caught herself and went to ground somewhere under that bush. Mom said she let her pet her a lot this morning so...we're back to trying to seduce a cat to come in on their own. Buddy comes out to visit with her. That first day/night, we called for her a lot and he went with us. He seemed very concerned and kept looking for her that day/night.

And now I'm wondering if Brindle is gay. He was so happy to have Buddy as a friend at first, but when she moved in, he got all grouchy and irritable and liked harassing her. Now that she is gone, he is relaxed and in a much better mood. I think he was jealous. Now he has his boyfriend to himself again.

But really, EVERYBODY loves Buddy. And he's so sweet he makes sure everyone gets face time with him. *g*

So, back to Abby updates. :::sigh:::


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