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I kinda got away from fannish stuff for a while. I blame my kindle. I started reading a lot more books. I read all the Dresden books, and the Longmire books, along with a few other series. I finally hit an annoying book the same time Escapade happened. Hanging out with fans and going to panels of shows I like really jazzed me up again. I found some decent Person of Interest fic at AO3. I had been reading the occasional Merlin fic but I'm not happy with how the show ended, so I don't have much interest in reading more Merlin fic.

I like The Good Wife and got a giggle out of last Sunday's ep. There was a reconciliation scene between Peter and Eli. I was thinking, "if this were fanfic, they'd hug and kiss right about now." Well, we did get a very emotional, but still manly, hug. Made me happy. :)

Everyone at home is pretty good, mostly. Brindle is an insulin dependent diabetic. I need to do another post and log the details for history sake.

And in ten days I will go from full time to part time mainly because I'm getting burned out and grew weary of hearing myself bitch about the job. I will need to be more frugal, and I think the era of the Big Vacation Trips is over. Mom is getting more infirm and I need to be home more for her, too. Basically it's two nights a week instead of three. Two twelve hour night of running about, getting coughed on by sick people and being very stressed out by having too many people to care for. Who do you see first?? Who do you skip? This is the 36 year I've doing this job. There's a honors banquet in a few weeks but I'm not going. After they froze our pension, I don't feel very civil. Best to skip it.

I've been watching a lot of TV. Shows I look forward to seeing are: Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, Grimm, Castle, Good Wife, Once Upon a Time, Mentalist, Arrow and now Supernatural again. Can't forget keeping up on The Daily Show, Colbert Report and the Rachel Maddow Show. And then there are shows I used to like more but still watch: Bones, NCIS, Criminal Minds.... And then there are shows I watch just to keep up on the conversation--that's mostly Elementary. Hawaii Five O switches catagories depending on what they are doing. :(
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First off, I'm still wading through the backlog and as that will take a while, I'm going to post now anyway.

Re the strikethough: While I don't agree with how Six Apart handled things, it's not like I've never fucked up. Since they've apologized and reinstated the fannish journals, I'm fine with that.

I will make a backup of this journal (once the rush is over) and I did make a Greatest Journal with my same handle. I doubt I'll use it unless this community dries up, which I hope it doesn't. And I joined [livejournal.com profile] fandom_count.

And I'm not going to lock up this journal. That doesn't fit in with how I define fandom--which is about sharing. Not that I'm that interesting, but still.... I hate that WFI can make so many fans go hide.

What effects me more is being unsubbed by a doctor who group. They unsubbed everyone because of a few bad apples and now you have to be vouched for by someone else before they will let you back in. Well golly gee, even though I always thanked people, I doubt I'll ever be let back in because 1) I don't know anyone on that list, and 2)I don't "participate" enough. Now mind you, I just got home from MediaWest where I sat in a few panels about Torchwood, but I bet traveling two thousand miles to rub shoulders with other fans doesn't count towards participation. You know? To me, this fannish unsubbing is a lot more unfair. I'm left to try to join other groups who may not be so exclusive.


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