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I'm feeling vaguely guilty about not writing here more. It's that damn FB....

Anyway, I've really enjoyed Supernatural lately, especially #100. #100 on Bones was good too. Can I say I liked South Park's #200 twice as much as the others? *g* That Streisand monster! Too much! Castle continues to delight. And Stargate...well, they've managed to finally make all their characters unlikeable. I'm kinda rooting for some aliens to wipe them out now. You know, I can put up with plot holes and bad SF if they just give me characters I can like. I keep thinking it's a ship load of Mallozzis, Coopers and Wrights. I'd have either gone catatonic or stroked out after a week if I was on that ship.

Finally saw Changleling on the tv. Amazing how they took over the town for a week and probably ended up with less than two minutes of screen time. Hmph. I'm still holding a grudge against Clint for calling my town dumpy (he was more diplomatic than that, but that's what he meant.) Hmph!

While we were up in Alaska, the people on the other side of the hill put chain link around all their property so it's a strip that goes up over the hill and down on my side and right against our wrought iron fence. That makes our gate up to the hill useless. There's been a lot less raccoons in our yard now. And I've not seen Cutiepie since we got back. The fence must have upset the routes the wildlife used. Maybe this will keep the coyotes out?? I need to go up there and find out what it looks like and if it will keep them from digging under the fence.

I have seen one raccoon, in fact, she was taking a little nap on the step tonight. Cutiepie's tail hung limply and this one stretches out for balance. She's doing some things that Cutiepie used to do, but I don't think it's her. No grey eyes, either. Well, usually this time of year is when the coons are most scarce so I can't say she's MIA for another few months.

Abby, the feral cat we've got in the house, is wonderful. She's now to the point that if you pat your leg and call her, she'll come running up to be petted. She's slept on our laps and is very interactive now. Brindle, due to skin issues, has given up the cat tree for a while. Abby loves it and she and Buddy race up and down it, back and forth, until they are so tired they each take a perch for a nap. Of course, she'll still run away from us about 20% of the time, but it's getting better. She's confident and playful...a real joy to have around the house. And Buddy is great, too. Cuddlesome and playful, he has an amazing personality. Poor Brindle is sulking a bit I fear, but I make a point to interact with him often. Silly boy.

And now I'm going to watch the first ep of the new Doctor Who.
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