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I had a tough night at work on Sunday. Busted my buns for 10 hours straight before I begged for relief and finally got to eat and drink something. As a result, I was knackered. When I got home, I went to sling my purse over my shoulder and something went POP! just below my shoulder. The left arm wouldn't go forward or to the side after that; went backwards just fine though. So, I had to call in 'sick' to work for the last two days since I couldn't drive and certainly couldn't perform my job. This morning the arm can go forward again so I have hope that this is something that will heal up on it's own. Yay!

So, I've caught up on TV. In fact, I'm currently watching one of the Olympic Curling games I tivo'd but didn't have time to watch. Mens, Denmark vs. Canada. I have 4 more to go. *g*

I'm catching up on my flist. Don't be surprised if I answer old posts. Maybe I'll try the AO3 next since yard work is definitely out.

And playing with the cats. Hey, I saw Abby growl at *Brindle* when he was trying to block Buddy from coming in the house! Our little girl is growing up. Brindle just looked very pained and and stomped away with a wave of his tail that said, "oh, the indignity of it all!" Since then he's been very sweet so I have hopes that in a couple of years the three of them will be very happy together. *g*


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