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The cats have found the cat tree, but it's not working out as planned. Abby was slowly exploring it, then Buddy found it, and took a nap on the second highest perch. Brindle saw that and it rankled that Buddy had the high ground. He slowly advanced up the levels and started that weird meow he does when he's being aggressive. Buddy was trapped up there so I threw a shirt over the high perch to separate them, then carefully helped Buddy down and into Mom's lap (condolence prize.) Brindle calmed down as soon as he realized he was victorious. He has been loving that tree. He can rule the room and be taller than everyone. He collects a 'toll tax' every time we walk by (ear scritches.) He's spent probably 22 hours a day up that tree for four days now. The good news is that he is getting a lot more exercise and seems extremely happy. Maybe this will help his bad attitude.

The bad news is that Abby won't come in the living room now as she feels threatened by the big orange bully who gives her the evil eye as soon as she walks down the hall to the living room. I'm sure things will change with time. She just needs to be a little bolder. So no environmental enrichment for her. Sometimes things just don't work out like you thought they would.

Quick varmit update. Coyotes have been around twice tonight. :( I did see Cutiepie last night. She is looking quite decrepit but was eating well. I found some old grapes in the fridge--her favorite. In fact I bought some more for her tonight. It's supposed to rain from Sunday to Friday--possibly 9-15 inches of rain. I bought a bunch of peanuts as leaving kibble out for the varmits will just make a mess.


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