Jun. 19th, 2011

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Last week before the Tull concert, I got the dreaded pop ups from XP Antispyware 2012--and that is a VERY BAD THING. To make a long story short, I ran my antivirus and that caught 5 things, but I still had the popups. Malwarebytes would get shut down as it tried to start up. I did a restore to a previous date and after that Windows was deeply confused and useless.

I dug the desktop out of it's cubby (spraining my back a bit) and took it into Geek Squad. Today they let me know the drive would have to be reformated. :( I had some stuff backed up, but not everythings so I'm having the data transfered to an external drive (that I bought to make backups on.) And I had to bring all my disks in to reload some of the programs. Of interest is my computer is 7 years old today. It runs XP and I've been meaning to retire it but since this is getting formated, I guess I'll have to keep it for a bit more. I'll have time to figure out what to replace it with. Next year.

Just before they called, I bought a rooted color Nook on ebay. Mom wants a ereader because the novels she's reading are huge books. A rooted Nook means some computer geek has loaded it with a full Android OS on it. Now it can have any app on it, and Mom can have a couple of ereading programs so she can buy from Amazon or B&N. She'll be able to get games, and get her email and browse the web and play her FB game. It should be a really nice tablet now. Here's a seller if anyone is interested. I'll report back in a few weeks once I have it and have played with it.


I have a itouch and am only familiar with Itunes. This Android stuff is AFLE. (another f-ing learning experience.) :(

Anyone got any advice as to what app is good to get?
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On June 11, I saw Tull at the Greek Theater. It was a beautiful but cool night. The sound could have been better as the drums weren't that loud but the vocals were. It took the band a few songs to hit the groove but it was a good concert. I had a seat squater behind me that could have been a model for Aqualung himself. During the intermission an usher shifted him out. He was a old druggy and had that boubon voice and had a hair trigger. As for accessible parking, the Greek has given the close parking to the VIP parking and the handicapp now must park on a side street and be bussed back to the Greek. That is just rude and sucks.

On June 13, I saw them again at the Grove Theater and it was an awesome concert. They added one song and were tight from the opening song. The audience was more respectful and enthused and as a result the band was charged up. There was one moment when Ian was scooting backwards across the stage playing the flute and I spotted Martin watching him with such fondness and joy. They had a great time and were laughing and bouncing about. An excellent concert!

And I have to say that they rearranged Hymm 43. The first half was played in an Irish jig style with flute, mandolin and accordian and a very different rhythm. Then the orginal arrangement comes back and blasts you away! I remember from a few years ago, they played Aqualung in an acoustical style with a lot of flute. It was so beautiful. I wish they would release an album of these remixed songs.

They still put on a wonderful concert!

The set list for the Greek:

1.Thick as a Brick
2.Songs From The Wood
3.Farm on the Freeway
4.Cheap Day Return
5.Mother Goose
6.Wond'ring Aloud
7.Up to Me
9.Cross-Eyed Mary


11.My God
12.Hymn 43
14.Wind Up
15.Locomotive Breath/Teacher

Setlist for the Grove:

They started out with Living In The Past, and did not break for a intermission.


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