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Wet skunks look really pitiful.

Cutiepie, the old raccoon is still with us. There's also another raccoon that is notable. On Wed and Thursday, I saw it stretch like it was waking up from sleep from the center of our backyard in late afternoon. It came down to the courtyard to drink and eat. It looked like a yearling and was thin-ish. It looked like maybe it was recovering from an illness; I know everyone leaps to rabies but an abscess from a scuffle/injury is probably more likely, or even pneumonia from poor nutrition. Other than that, it acted okay. It's been raining the last two days and I haven't seen it. I'm wary about it. The cats have all had their rabies shots and they would be much quicker than this fellow. Anyway, they've been staying in. But still....

Brindle has been diagnosed with asthma. We took him in for a pre-op for teeth cleaning on next Saturday. They did blood work and since he has an occasional cough, we okayed a chest x-ray (still spooked from Reggie's cancer.) Brindle has a narrowing of his trachea due to a 'mass' but the young vet said it could be the thymus or a fat tumor or cancer. She sent it to a cat x-ray expert and he noted the asthmatic changes but said nothing about the mass. Anyway, he gets a quarter of a pill of terbutaline twice a day sprinkled in his food. He's been on it since Tuesday and it's going well. No adverse reactions and perhaps he feels better.

While he was in the back room getting the blood drawn and such, they also decided to clean his right ear as it looked infected. Whatever is going on with that ear it's been stable for years. Never any mites. She felt it might be fungal. When they came out of the back room, Brindle's ear/neck was all wet and he looked victorious. The vet looked harried, but would only say that it was difficult to clean all the way down and they would try again when the cat was under anesthetic. I didn't see any blood so maybe...no...I know he went off on them. I'm just glad they weren't savaged.

Abby is quite affectionate if one is stationary. She likes her ear scratched and her back rubbed. She sleeps cuddled up to our legs. Of course, if one walks towards her, she's quite likely to run away with a "OHMYGOD!!" expression. We find her toy mice everywhere and she seems quite content to be indoors for now. Things continue to progress. :)

Still researching photographing the auroras.
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