Jan. 7th, 2011 01:01 am
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Took Coco to the vet for her booster shots. I asked if what I could do to make assimilation easier and she suggested Feliway from Amazon. Apparently it's a plug in that diffuses pheromone oil and is to cats what chocolate is to women. I've got some on order so I'll let you know if it works.

Coco is now up to 7 pounds 11 oz. She was 5 12 at the beginning of December. I gan see her little breasts between her back legs and I asked the vet about them (since I'm not familiar if they could be a problem) and she turned Coco upside down and grabbed her round little belly and declare it fat. Then she burrowed her face in the tummy and gave her a kiss. She told me to finish out the kitten food and that she was close enough to a year old to switch to adult food.

Once home, since Buddy and Abby had reclaimed Mom's bedroom, I left her in the cage and place it on the bed so everyone to could see eye to eye in safety. Trouble was that Abby wasn't about to leave so after a few hours, I shut Abby in and brought Coco out with us. She curled against Mom for hours and was quite content to be out with us. I'd check on Abby occasionally and she would be lurking behind something, ready to pounce on Coco. Eventually she did leave and everyone could go to bed. I hope Feliway is the Chill Pill that Abby needs.

It will do Brindle good too, I hope. He bit me tonight and he hasn't done that in a long while. He was hovering at the door trying to keep Buddy outside. I pick him up to give him lovin', but saw he was irritable so I put him down. He whirled around and sank his teeth into my arm. Only one went in and another left a skid mark but he needs a Chill Pill, too.


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