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He had another bout of vomiting last night so I rushed him off to the vets. No frank blood this time, just some pink tinged, and his heaving wasn't as violent as last time. He stayed overnight and if he can eat something this afternoon, they will let him come home about 8pm. I picked through the vomitus (an act of love, obviously) and found a partial part of a seed shell. It looks a lot like a partial of a castor bean seed. WTF?! That's the ingredient of ricin. There was a plant growing wild behind the neighbor's property. The symptoms fit. I'll go up the hill in a bit and look around.

I think a certain 10 year old cat has just lost his outdoor privileges. He's lucky he didn't die. And that's the third time for him.

He has spent the last three weeks in the kitchen. Week one, he was camped in front of the oven and defended his position with threats to nip us. Week two, he was in front of the fridge so there was no going in the freezer without a confrontation. This last week he had wedged himself between the L in the counter and a cardboard box that is sitting on the floor. We're talking a space about 6" x 12". We'd check him and he'd just look up and purr. Yesterday, Mom decided to make him go outside, hoping that normal cat activity might 'reset' his frame of mind into a more normal behavior. Who knew he'd go out and start eating castor beans. He is such an emotionally damaged cat. He can be so sweet but then he'll just turn. And his mental state is spending more time in BrindleLand than in the normal cat attitudes. Can cats get dementia?

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Date: 2011-12-22 10:59 pm (UTC)
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Oh, dear, oh, dear. I wish you and Brindle luck!


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