Jul. 7th, 2011

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Or what has consumed my life for the past four weeks.

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Two more entries to go!

Abby update

Jul. 7th, 2011 11:26 am
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Last Wednesday, we noticed Abby was keeping her left eye closed and it was swollen. We tried to catch her but she is so fast! Mom had hold of her tail but she went wild so Mom let go. We didn't see Abby for the next two days, then she started sleeping with me again but always against the back of my legs and out of reach. Slowly she started being in the same room with us, and trusting us a bit more. Last night she was napping in the box part of the cat tree. I trapped her there as Mom went and got the kitty carrier. She transferred smoothly and off to the vets we went, after hours so it costs more. She was terrified, both shaking and frozen. I held her while the vet fished around in her eye socket and while swollen, did eventually find the slender foxtail-like thing in her eye. Because it would be impossible to treat her at home unless we keep her in the cat carrier, she is being boarded at the vets for probably three nights. She is being treated with antibiotics and steroids. Once the swelling is down tonight, the vet will stain the eye and look for ulcers. Hopefully, all will go well.

We're very unhappy she has to stay but it's the only way to get her treated effectively. The poor thing is so incredibly stress and terrified. She doesn't trust us past a few strokes and a bit of lap time. Going to visit her won't accomplish much because she doesn't come to us for comforting. She is being kept in a cat area, a small room for cats only and it will be quiet and dark. Hopefully, she will calm down a bit through boredom. She's young, only about 2.5 years old. It's stressful but we're hoping she can withstand the shock of it all.

Rooted Nook

Jul. 7th, 2011 11:42 am
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I bought Mom a rooted Nook for an early birthday pressie. I got it off of ebay and it went somewhat well, though it took an evening to get it minimally sorted out. The Nook was as advertised from the ebay guy. The trouble is that it's an Android OS and that's new for me. The first free app didn't want to dl, the notice said there was no phone number associated with that account. To make a long story short, I needed to go to the 'Talk' icon on the Nook and set up a gmail account. Go figure.

After that, I dled an antivirus app, an app for making the battery more effecient, and file manager and some games. I bookmarked Fairyland and her email page. I've tutored her a few times on how to go from what place to another (just three or four clicks, but she gets confused.) I will have to make a cheat sheet for her, I believe. Part of the problem is that the icons seem to disappear. I need to learn all about that, too, but I've just been overwhelmed with all this crap. Plus summer has hit with a vengence and I hate the heat. I just want to crawl into a nice cool cave for a few months.


But, Mom loves her Nook. She downloaded a book and has exhausted the battery every day. The reason I bought the Nook instead of a tablet was that the Nook was lighter than any of the tablets I held. Since it's mainly for reading, that was important. Since it's rooted, and she actually likes the Amazon site better, she's using the Kindle app for her reading. It's all good. But that was why, giving the choices I currently have.


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