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Is anyone here watching this show? Spoilers.

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can be found here:


I especially like the Old Spice homage.
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My fanfic website will probably be removed by this weekend (or when Webmistress Bunny gets around to it.) Stats:

Have visited since:
June 17, 2001

These pages are copyright
© 1999-2011 by
DeVine Madness

Over half a million visits in 10 years. I'm sure it's chump change for some writers but I feel good about it. I'm saddened to see it go, but it was time. AO3 is a good home, and certainly more permanent.

Goodnight, sweet website. I will miss your greeness.
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I've a friend who has a relative that is being called up to go to Afghanistan for a year. She wants to use Skype to stay in touch but doesn't know what she needs to get for that to happen. Does anyone here know what sort of hardware is best? I imagine a laptop with a webcam and wifi? Is there a internet provider that the military have to use over there? Any help is deeply appreciated.

Thank you!
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For those in the Greater LA area from Ticketmaster:

Chris Isaak
On Sale 07/29/11 Fri, 12:00pm
Fred Kavli Theatre-Thousand Oaks Civic Arts
Thousand Oaks
Fri, 11/25/11 8:00pm
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We went to the Orange County Fair yesterday. Bought a few things, ate a few things (including a deep fried Klondyke Bar which I didn't think was that good.) And then saw a concert. :)

Chris Isaak puts on a very entertaining show. He's always making funny remarks, wearing sequined suits and just having a really good time. He started off by thanking us all for turning off the tv, getting off the couch, locking the kids in the closet and coming out to support live music. He said if we weren't there, he'd just be wandering around the fair in a sequined suit eating deep fried butter and that, in fact, his band was the musical equivalent of deep friend butter. He ran into the audience on one of his songs and raced right past us. There were a couple of times I was laughing so hard my eyes were streaming.

He said they had gone down to Sun Recording Studios in Memphis (where all the people he listened to as a child recorded (Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison....) That they had recorded about three albums worth of music and it would be coming out presently. And that we could order it soon but it would require a computer and ah, ah, a ouija board. Sounds like he doesn't get on too well with itunes. *g*

Anyway, here's an assortment of you tube links if you're wondering what his concerts are like:

A good song to see what his concerts are like:

Ring of Fire:

The mirrorball suit:

Terrible sound but high energy and wearing the right suit:

Better sound:

ETA a few things remembered.

A sad day

Jul. 19th, 2011 11:31 am
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For the last couple of weeks, I've been expecting to hear that [personal profile] sherrold has passed on. It's been constantly on my mind, enough so that I actually had a 'con dream' and have thought about things I need to attend to while I've still the time. I know she was in pain. So it's both with sadness and relief that the news has come that she is gone.

Sandy was so vivacious, witty, insightful, fun and...nice. I can't think of her without smiling even though I have tears in my eyes.

It's been slightly over two years now since Stuart left us, [personal profile] minotaurs. He was also a delight to be around, and again, a nice person.

When at a con, it didn't matter what Stuart or Sandy were talking about, if they were modding a panel, my butt was in the audience. They gave so much to fandom, enriched our playground and made everything so fun and exciting. I'm still feel Stuart's loss. It's equally hard to grasp fandom wtihout Sandy.

My deepest condolences to her family and loved ones.

Abby update

Jul. 8th, 2011 11:57 am
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I called the vets last night. Abby's eye looks good, no ulcers, so Yay! But the vet said she remains terrified. They gave her a box to hide in but she's not eating. The vet said if she doesn't eat today we are to come get her tonight, a day early. She won't have the whole course of her meds but at least the vet is sensible about priorities. I imagine we'll be fetching her home tonight.

Buddy was searching for her last night. Once she gets home I'm sure he'll give her a warm welcome and settle her down. Poor, poor little kitty. :(

Rooted Nook

Jul. 7th, 2011 11:42 am
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I bought Mom a rooted Nook for an early birthday pressie. I got it off of ebay and it went somewhat well, though it took an evening to get it minimally sorted out. The Nook was as advertised from the ebay guy. The trouble is that it's an Android OS and that's new for me. The first free app didn't want to dl, the notice said there was no phone number associated with that account. To make a long story short, I needed to go to the 'Talk' icon on the Nook and set up a gmail account. Go figure.

After that, I dled an antivirus app, an app for making the battery more effecient, and file manager and some games. I bookmarked Fairyland and her email page. I've tutored her a few times on how to go from what place to another (just three or four clicks, but she gets confused.) I will have to make a cheat sheet for her, I believe. Part of the problem is that the icons seem to disappear. I need to learn all about that, too, but I've just been overwhelmed with all this crap. Plus summer has hit with a vengence and I hate the heat. I just want to crawl into a nice cool cave for a few months.


But, Mom loves her Nook. She downloaded a book and has exhausted the battery every day. The reason I bought the Nook instead of a tablet was that the Nook was lighter than any of the tablets I held. Since it's mainly for reading, that was important. Since it's rooted, and she actually likes the Amazon site better, she's using the Kindle app for her reading. It's all good. But that was why, giving the choices I currently have.

Abby update

Jul. 7th, 2011 11:26 am
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Last Wednesday, we noticed Abby was keeping her left eye closed and it was swollen. We tried to catch her but she is so fast! Mom had hold of her tail but she went wild so Mom let go. We didn't see Abby for the next two days, then she started sleeping with me again but always against the back of my legs and out of reach. Slowly she started being in the same room with us, and trusting us a bit more. Last night she was napping in the box part of the cat tree. I trapped her there as Mom went and got the kitty carrier. She transferred smoothly and off to the vets we went, after hours so it costs more. She was terrified, both shaking and frozen. I held her while the vet fished around in her eye socket and while swollen, did eventually find the slender foxtail-like thing in her eye. Because it would be impossible to treat her at home unless we keep her in the cat carrier, she is being boarded at the vets for probably three nights. She is being treated with antibiotics and steroids. Once the swelling is down tonight, the vet will stain the eye and look for ulcers. Hopefully, all will go well.

We're very unhappy she has to stay but it's the only way to get her treated effectively. The poor thing is so incredibly stress and terrified. She doesn't trust us past a few strokes and a bit of lap time. Going to visit her won't accomplish much because she doesn't come to us for comforting. She is being kept in a cat area, a small room for cats only and it will be quiet and dark. Hopefully, she will calm down a bit through boredom. She's young, only about 2.5 years old. It's stressful but we're hoping she can withstand the shock of it all.
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Or what has consumed my life for the past four weeks.

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Two more entries to go!
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On June 11, I saw Tull at the Greek Theater. It was a beautiful but cool night. The sound could have been better as the drums weren't that loud but the vocals were. It took the band a few songs to hit the groove but it was a good concert. I had a seat squater behind me that could have been a model for Aqualung himself. During the intermission an usher shifted him out. He was a old druggy and had that boubon voice and had a hair trigger. As for accessible parking, the Greek has given the close parking to the VIP parking and the handicapp now must park on a side street and be bussed back to the Greek. That is just rude and sucks.

On June 13, I saw them again at the Grove Theater and it was an awesome concert. They added one song and were tight from the opening song. The audience was more respectful and enthused and as a result the band was charged up. There was one moment when Ian was scooting backwards across the stage playing the flute and I spotted Martin watching him with such fondness and joy. They had a great time and were laughing and bouncing about. An excellent concert!

And I have to say that they rearranged Hymm 43. The first half was played in an Irish jig style with flute, mandolin and accordian and a very different rhythm. Then the orginal arrangement comes back and blasts you away! I remember from a few years ago, they played Aqualung in an acoustical style with a lot of flute. It was so beautiful. I wish they would release an album of these remixed songs.

They still put on a wonderful concert!

The set list for the Greek:

1.Thick as a Brick
2.Songs From The Wood
3.Farm on the Freeway
4.Cheap Day Return
5.Mother Goose
6.Wond'ring Aloud
7.Up to Me
9.Cross-Eyed Mary


11.My God
12.Hymn 43
14.Wind Up
15.Locomotive Breath/Teacher

Setlist for the Grove:

They started out with Living In The Past, and did not break for a intermission.
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Last week before the Tull concert, I got the dreaded pop ups from XP Antispyware 2012--and that is a VERY BAD THING. To make a long story short, I ran my antivirus and that caught 5 things, but I still had the popups. Malwarebytes would get shut down as it tried to start up. I did a restore to a previous date and after that Windows was deeply confused and useless.

I dug the desktop out of it's cubby (spraining my back a bit) and took it into Geek Squad. Today they let me know the drive would have to be reformated. :( I had some stuff backed up, but not everythings so I'm having the data transfered to an external drive (that I bought to make backups on.) And I had to bring all my disks in to reload some of the programs. Of interest is my computer is 7 years old today. It runs XP and I've been meaning to retire it but since this is getting formated, I guess I'll have to keep it for a bit more. I'll have time to figure out what to replace it with. Next year.

Just before they called, I bought a rooted color Nook on ebay. Mom wants a ereader because the novels she's reading are huge books. A rooted Nook means some computer geek has loaded it with a full Android OS on it. Now it can have any app on it, and Mom can have a couple of ereading programs so she can buy from Amazon or B&N. She'll be able to get games, and get her email and browse the web and play her FB game. It should be a really nice tablet now. Here's a seller if anyone is interested. I'll report back in a few weeks once I have it and have played with it.


I have a itouch and am only familiar with Itunes. This Android stuff is AFLE. (another f-ing learning experience.) :(

Anyone got any advice as to what app is good to get?
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Being a fan of Top Gear, I've been watching James May's Road Trip where he and Oz Clark travel around France, then California learning about wine. The recent eps have been about Californian wines and things sound more affordable. The last ep was all about Zinfandels, in particular wine made from old vinyards that were planted over a 100 years ago. Much intrigued, I found some Ravens Wood wine made from the old grapes. I like it. :) Now we're rewatching the ep so we can taste, too, and get educated. *g*

Jethro Tull tomorrow night!! It's the 40th anniversary of the Aqualung album. I'm excited.

Mom's been reading heavy books lately and is finally interested in an ereader. I'm thinking of getting a refurbished nook. She could check her email, play a few games like Sudoku, bejeweled and Mah Jong. And maybe play her fav Facebook game, Fairyland.
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We had a good time. The flight there was uneventful for me, but there were lots of canceled flights and delays caused by the weather for others. The Causeway Bay continues to upgrade pretty much everything. I heard the hotel higher ups talking and in the fall the hotel will be franchized to Best Western, while still being owned by Causeway Bay. The beds were really comfortable if half smothered by decorative pillows. *g* Hummingbirds was remodeled and opened on the Wednesday before the con. While I didn't eat there, my friends stated that the service was terrible. Seems like they might have hired waitresses with very limited experience. :(

The con was much the same except I think everyone now fits into the hotel now with rooms left over as there were some mundanes there also. Yet, the room lottery remains. Strange, eh? The art show was okay, with some nice stuff. Some good panels. The dealer's room continues to shrink though, as do new zines. Sherlock was the hot fandom but no zines available. The most panels seemed to be Supernatural and Sherlock.

I think there were more decorated doors this year, but they are less complicated. Our door was this one:
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Didn't win anything this year, though.

Oh! How could I forget the tornado! On Sunday a squall line of thunderstorms moved through Michigan. When it got to Lansing, the watch turned into a warning and the sirens went off. The hotel advised everyone to get into the service areas which had no windows. I went into the basement/pool area and waited with dozens of people for about 45 minutes until the warning was canceled. The tornado destroyed a house about 30 miles to the northeast. All we got was a downpour and some winds, which is fine with me!

The trip home was very uneventful, though apparently Mom didn't shut the door to my car when she used it last Friday and the battery was dead when she went to pick me up last night. The cool evening air was refreshing after the heat and mugginess of Michigan and Atlanta!
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This was really interesting.

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My big project was a trip to Italy with a cruise to the Mediterranean. We were gone 19 days. We flew to Rome via Heathrow. Got there two nights early thus had a day to explore Rome. Next we boarded Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas. We had an accessible room with a veranda and it was very nice. Our ports were Messina Sicily, Athens Greece, Ephesus Turkey, Rhodes Island Greece, Crete Greece, Naples Italy and back to Civitavecchia which is Rome's port. We had two days at sea, too. From there we had a driver take us to Florence (stopping at Sienna and at a vineyard for wine tasting) where we spent four nights. Florence is fabulous! Next we were driven back to Rome via Assisi (which was super cool) where we had another three nights. We did tour the Vatican and saw many other museums, ruins, had wonderful food, met many kind people and weather that was warm and clear (actually, they were having a 'heat wave' into the 80s which just encouraged us to eat more gelato and wishing it was in the mide 60s were it was supposed to be.) The trip went very well except from Mom catching kennel cough on the ship. She was worryingly ill by our first night in Florence and the hotel arranged for an English speaking doctor to come visit her. Antibiotics, steroids and an inhaler had her back on her feet by two days. I caught the cough a few days before we left and took a few weeks to totally recover from. So, all in all, a wonderful trip with a lot of great memories...and photos. I'm still working through the photos as will post again when I have them up on photobucket.

Since Abby was still harassing Coco before we left, a good friend, sheepsclothing graciously took Coco in for the duration of the trip. Mom and I discussed the likely hood that perhaps sheepsclothing might want to keep her and how that would probably be better for Coco if that were to happen. I still felt that eventually the girls would become good buddies but knew it would take months if not years and would be stressful on Coco. Since I was sick when I got back and our three cats were incredibly needy for a few weeks, sheepsclothing was fine with keeping Coco for a bit longer. By the time I visited last week, Coco and sheepsclothing had fallen for each other. Coco was running around, had access to a small patio, had a big collection of toys to play with, was obviously very happy and affectionate to her new mom. Coco will get a new name which is fine because its not like she pays any attention to Coco! She's also going to get a new cat to live with, a 5 year old male named Mr. Tibbs. He's a beautiful Russian Blue, mellow, fine with other cats and very overweight. He's a rescue from a wealthy family who seems to have tired of him and was going to put him down. I think Coco will hide under the bed for a few days but as he proves he isn't going to be mean to her, she should come out eventually. Hopefully he will be the calming influence that Buddy is to Abby.

And that's all the news. :)

Been busy

Mar. 20th, 2011 06:36 am
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I am so behind in LJ-land. I've been snowed under with some work related testing, getting my taxes done, my car fixed then it's smog check done, a filling fell out, a retirement seminar, giving Coco attention and massive planning for an upcoming project. I intend to get back here but it'll be weeks from now. I do wish there were more hours in a day and I didn't have to sleep as much. But alas, I've got a date with a pillow right now. Will catch you all later.


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